Tuesday, June 11, 2013

oh, there you are

A few weeks ago, I made some changes. To my life, this blog, my house and my attitude. I'm happy to say, they all seem to be for the best! How do I know this? Because I just found a friend I didn't realize had skipped town for a while... me.

In the time I have been spending with friends recently, exploring new ideas, trying new adventures and sharing old memories, I have suddenly uncovered some things about myself that I had forgotten. It's refreshing to know that the girl I once was is still hanging around. She has a bright personality, a sharp wit, a kind and compassionate heart, and is brave enough to tell her truth to those who need to hear it. The world is so much more fun with her around.

It's funny; I didn't realize how much I wasn't feeling like myself until I started feeling like me again. I just knew that there was something out of balance, and I figured out what I could change in my life and something I could take proactive action toward fixing, and then I did it. And then I found the next thing I could change that was bugging me, and I changed it. And it's quite possible I'm on a roll.

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