Wednesday, June 19, 2013

nothing finer

I'm pretty sure there is nothing finer in this life than to love someone simply and straighforwardly. My happiness doesn't come from another, nor do I need a man to feel complete myself. We are our own separate people with our own experiences and lives, and the time we spend together should only add to both our happiness.

In my life, this type of love is a place where there is absolutely no judgment of each other. This love is not the sort that brings drama and unrest to people's lives; rather it is the place where our hearts go to rest. It's knowing that I can show up on his doorstep without a lick of makeup on and he'll still think I'm beautiful. It's being brave enough to let him listen to my secrets and knowing that they're safe in his heart; that he protects them as he would his own. It's peaceful, calm, romantic, strong and abiding. It's the kind of love that inspires sonnets.

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