Wednesday, June 19, 2013

nothing finer

I'm pretty sure there is nothing finer in this life than to love someone simply and straighforwardly. My happiness doesn't come from another, nor do I need a man to feel complete myself. We are our own separate people with our own experiences and lives, and the time we spend together should only add to both our happiness.

In my life, this type of love is a place where there is absolutely no judgment of each other. This love is not the sort that brings drama and unrest to people's lives; rather it is the place where our hearts go to rest. It's knowing that I can show up on his doorstep without a lick of makeup on and he'll still think I'm beautiful. It's being brave enough to let him listen to my secrets and knowing that they're safe in his heart; that he protects them as he would his own. It's peaceful, calm, romantic, strong and abiding. It's the kind of love that inspires sonnets.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

oh, there you are

A few weeks ago, I made some changes. To my life, this blog, my house and my attitude. I'm happy to say, they all seem to be for the best! How do I know this? Because I just found a friend I didn't realize had skipped town for a while... me.

In the time I have been spending with friends recently, exploring new ideas, trying new adventures and sharing old memories, I have suddenly uncovered some things about myself that I had forgotten. It's refreshing to know that the girl I once was is still hanging around. She has a bright personality, a sharp wit, a kind and compassionate heart, and is brave enough to tell her truth to those who need to hear it. The world is so much more fun with her around.

It's funny; I didn't realize how much I wasn't feeling like myself until I started feeling like me again. I just knew that there was something out of balance, and I figured out what I could change in my life and something I could take proactive action toward fixing, and then I did it. And then I found the next thing I could change that was bugging me, and I changed it. And it's quite possible I'm on a roll.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

who you'd be today

Today is Rochelle's birthday. My best friend for nearly a quarter century on this earth. We met in 9th grade, were inseparable throughout high school, along with Shauna, and after high school, things never really changed. Sure we moved, went to school, got jobs, fell in and out of love with boys, then fell in love with men. But whenever something big happened, my first phone call was always to her.

In all those years, I can't remember a single fight we had. We disagreed sometimes, but never fought. Because that would be like yelling at myself. We were that connected.

I miss her so much, and with all that's going on in my life right now, I really wish I could just call her. I know she'd have some good advice along with a funny story or two.

As the years go by, I find myself wondering what she'd be up to now. Would she and Dave have adopted a child, giving Rohn a brother or sister? Would she still be working at the pharmacy? Living in the same tiny house, and would they have finally taken the plunge to remodel it and add on? Kenny Chesney sings this song about losing his best friend in high school, and that song has always been a sweet reminder of Rochelle.