Sunday, April 21, 2013


I love me some vintage furniture. Rambling around my favorite vintage store today with a friend, we found some great finds. Things that have a history, a story, show their use and love and are built of quality material have always appealed to me.

When it comes to relationships, I appreciate certain vintage traits as well. I enjoy a man who is made of quality, who has character and personality, who stands the test of time. Sure, we all have quirks, and different things appeal to different people. I prefer a more rustic vintage than hipster. Clean cut more than shabby. I go for sporty over sophisticated, and relaxed over formal. Pet friendly and easy to live with. And I don't want someone pretending to be a vintage that he's not. He has to be true and honestly the vintage I'm looking for, not a wannabe or faker.

After all, I'd hate to invest in that really amazing looking enamel table, and after it's made it's way into the heart of my home, find out it was made in China two years ago and lied to me about it's authenticity. I'd never be able to enjoy a meal there again, knowing it had cheated me from the very beginning.

So, I left the table at the store. Let it cheat someone else. This girl is extremely happy with her new rack anyway. Pot rack that is. I'm pretty sure he can hang with the best of them!

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