Thursday, April 4, 2013

funny thing about boomerangs... they come back

A few weeks ago, I wrote about boomerangs and men. Little did I know, that post was premature. Maybe it’s Australian new year, and this is the year of the boomerang? 

It’s true. There have been more boomerangs, er, I mean men, coming around again. First up is “D,” the guy with whom I had the shortest fling ever between Christmas and New Years. He lives in another state and was just here visiting, so we both knew it wasn’t going anywhere. It’s still not, but apparently I’m the only one who remembers that. I have to remind him when he calls me every couple weeks.

And when I was in California a few days later, just as I lay my head down one night… Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Five texts coming in. Yes. Five. And there is an apology that spans five texts. From “J,” the crazy guy. Guess he didn’t have the ability to send me a crate of doves and two dozen roses via text. If you weren’t sure about how I feel about this one – five texts in a row. At midnight. Nine months after his crazy text rampage that caused me to end the relationship just as it was getting off the ground.

A couple days later, “B” and “A” both text me – guys I had one date with and never saw again. Move along, gentlemen. I have.

And then, the super boomerang. The one who walked away from me. It hurt more than I can really admit, even now, months later. The morning he told me off, told me not to contact him again, I didn’t cry. I was numb. I didn’t feel a thing. If I allowed myself to feel the sting, it meant I cared. And if I cared, then that was just dumb of me, because he was capable of dismissing me so easily. So I simply didn’t feel it.

And then suddenly he was back. Along with a boatload of feelings bursting through the floodgates. I’m hurt, pissed off, confused, But I was also ridiculously happy to hear from him, and I'm afraid it’s turned me into a bit of a mess. I’ve missed talking to him so much.

I wish we could just pick up where we left off, and start moving forward again, but life isn’t that simple. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I just know that I’ve never wanted to punch someone and kiss them at the same time so much. To think that he once called me ambivalent. Ha! But when a man tells you you’re clever and intelligent and sexy, you really want to listen to him. He could be telling the truth.

Boomerang? Or maybe, just maybe… to be continued…

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