Thursday, May 23, 2013

when life hands me lemons...

I make my favorite luscious lemon cupcakes... a seriously yummy recipe you can find here. The fresh lemon buttercream frosting really makes it though. I've actually made this recipe with a box cake, using lemon juice in place of some of the liquid, and it came out great too. I made it as a layer cake, adding just enough yellow food color to the frosting to make you think of the sweetest creamy butter you've ever seen and topping it with yellow sugar.

I served it to my mom and Bill one day. I thought my mom might faint from the lemony goodness. Because that's how these girls roll. We love lemony goodness around here.

This week, life isn't handing me lemons. It is full of bananas though. Which, if you need to make banana cupcakes for a coworkers birthday next week, is just fine.

I'm thinking of this recipe, in hollowed out cupcakes full of the custardy filling and sliced bananas and a sweet whipped cream frosting.

Just one thing...I could use the actual bananas though, not the ones that ended up on my plate at work...

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