Monday, May 6, 2013

making room… literally

I have a lot of clothes. I know this. I have a hard time letting go and give myself all sorts of reasons to keep them – they will fit again, that little stain can be taken out, I just need to take the waist in, I could wear that as my grubby work around the house clothes, etc.

Do you remember that scene in 27 dresses when the closet of dresses bounces open right after Katherine Heigl’s character muscles it closed?
My closet wasn’t quite that bad. My dresser is another story. Do I need that many socks and tank tops?

Last night I started the process of really cleaning out the closet. I was putting away laundry, and something snapped. I just had it. I was tired and frustrated with my crowded and cramped space. So I am literally making room in my closet. I started only re-hanging things I have actually worn in the last 6 months and still fit. My goal is to cut my closet clutter in half. And dresser, you’re next!

I couldn’t get it all done, but I made enough room to hang up this week’s laundry without crying. I made enough of a dent to see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep motivated to keep on keeping on.

Now… to stick to my new plan… nothing new comes in without something old going out.

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