Tuesday, February 12, 2013

catfishing for birds?

I've been watching the show Catfish recently. It's a fascinating view into online dating and pardonmyfrench scumbags who prey on people who are (mostly) honest in their search for love. Apparently I'm picking up some great tips to help screen online dates. One of the tools Nev uses to help figure out each "catfishes" true identify is Google image search.

Since I started using it (it's super easy by the way), I've come across guys who used a picture of a Latin singer, a former New Kid On The Block, and a songwriter/pianist.

One feature I've seen is that if the image search can't identify the person, it does offer some suggestions of similar photographs that might include the image you're searching for. And tonight, it made me laugh from the bottom of my soul.

I was searching a few images of a guy who I agreed to meet for coffee soon. One of his pictures was just a shot of him wearing a red shirt, sitting on a couch. The Google image search suggested that this image might be similar to the one I was looking for:

Yep. Angry birds. My next coffee date's doppelganger is angry birds. How the heck am I supposed to keep a straight face now?

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